Monday, October 12, 2009

Grocery Budget Update

It's been awhile so I thought I'd better take a look at how we are doing on our budget goal for the year. Looking through all my receipts and credit card bills, I just realized what a weird month August is for us, grocery-budget-wise.

Why? Well, for the past 2 years we've gone on a 2-week boating vacation to Canada (last year's actually turned out to be 3 weeks due to weather). Two weeks on a boat to remote areas of Canada. Limited facilities and very limited provisions. For example, this year, toward the end of our stay I could not find a loaf of bread. The two stores on the island that were within walking distance of the marina: both sold out!

As a result, we definitely don't do my "normal" stock up, deal-finding shopping during that vacation because it's just not possible - there are none of the traditional large supermarkets where we are and I just don't have the space on the boat to lug around my coupons, if these mom-and-pop stores would even take them. Even leading up to the trip, we typically go to Costco for the stock up because it all comes in bulk and then I separate into individual portions to pack into coolers, coolers and more coolers (we have a small fridge and an even smaller freezer on the boat).

We spend a lot more than usual in advance of the trip because we are without the ability to just run to the store for little things or take advantage of the deals that may be running during those weeks. Plus, we go with friends and often share dinner responsibilities so I'm not just feeding my family most nights, but this year up to 9 adults as well.

So I decided not to count those unusual circumstances, like the big Costco trip, and just tally what I spent at my normal grocery stores. Even then, I spent quite a bit more than usual in August, it appears.

My monthly budget for this year is $83.62 per month:

July $83.62 + $76.89 (June carryover) = $160.51 - $57 = $103.51
August $83.62 + $103.51 (July carryover) = $187.13 - $105.46 = $81.67
September $83.62 + $81.67 (August carryover) = $165.29 - $93.00 = $72.29.

I'm really hoping that the coming months will have better stock up deals for the holidays! I want to stay on this budget but the holidays could bust it. I also have saved all my grocery receipts separately and am hoping to post some cool final totals at the end of the year, like "amount spent" and the one I'm super curious about "amount saved" from coupons and sales! Should be SO interesting.

How are you doing so far this year??


Jenna said...

I would love to see the amount saved in coupons - I always find that so fascinating. WOW - you do a GREAT job on your grocery budget!!!! I need to spend some time snooping around here to see what you eat and who you feed. Keep up the amazing work though!!

Jenna said...

Me again : ). OK - I did poke around and now I am even MORE impressed!! You eat things like pork tenderloin for 20$/week? HELP : )!!!

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