Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Bounty Slows but Continues Nonetheless

The garden has slowed production somewhat - we are pretty well done with green beans. The last batch were fat and not very flavorful. I checked them again just to be sure but there was nothing but a few stragglers, not worth picking even.
The carrot department has ramped up its area, however and these were good pullin! They are so sweet when compared to even organic store-bought carrots.
Talk about planning ahead - I started making mental lists last night of what to plant next year. Definitely zuchinni, definitely green beans. Corn may be interesting, although it seems to take up a lot of space. Spinach may be a better lettuce variety.
Definitely not regular tomatos. Sources tell me that it just doesn't get hot enough in the Seattle area to grow decent tomatos. My neighbor (who has fabulous fruit trees) suggested cherry tomatos and I remembered that I wanted to do those this year but could not find the plants at the nursery.
What I planted that didn't grow well - sweet peppers, cucumbers, lettuce. Peas grew but as I mentioned in a previous post, they didn't last long and didn't yield a whole lot. Overall, it has been a really fun project and I highly recommend it for everyone who is trying to eat more local foods - this is the ultimate in DIY!

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