Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kroger Gift Card for Prescriptions

Fortunately, my husband and I and our children are very healthy and have no ongoing medical issues. None of us take any prescription medication on a regular basis. Howver, on the rare occasion that we do need prescriptions, I stay loyal to one pharmacy - QFC.

Why QFC? They have a pharmacy loyalty card that gives me a gift card to the store for every 5 prescriptions filled there. I filled a prescription there yesterday and since it was my 5th one filled, I got a $10 gift card to the store. The next 5 is a $15 card and 5 after that is a $25 card. I hadn't noticed before but it's actually a Kroger card so it will be good at Fred Meyer too!

I have seen the deals offering gift cards for transferring prescriptions but because of my health insurance, I do have to stick with certain pharmacies so those have not been an option for me.

So for those of you in the Northwest, this would be a great deal even for those who don't get prescriptions on a regular basis. Does anyone know if other stores offer similar rewards for prescriotions?

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