Sunday, February 22, 2009

Awesome Albertson's

Albertson's is having a great sale right now - buy 10 select products and receive $10 off OYNO. I can't find my camera (husband is #1 suspect!) so I'm sorry I don't have a photo of the goods. There is an extensive list of the products included and the coupon matchups on this Hot Coupon World thread.

I went Saturday and here's what I got:

10 cans Progresso soup $1.50 each
6 cans Pillsbury Grands biscuits $1.25 each
2 Betty Crocker Lemon Poppyseed muffin mix $2.00 each
2 boxes Cheerios $2.50 each
2 cupcake boxes $.74 each
4 Hershey's chocolate bars $.44 each

Coupons used:
2 $2/4 Progresso soup
2 $1/2 Progresso soup
2 $.75/3 Grands biscuits
1 $1/2 Cheerios
1 $1/2 Betty Crocker muffin mixes

Total OOP: $27.96 and I got $20 in OYNO coupons that, according to the above HCW thread, will roll for the next purchase of the same items. I need to find more computers to print more coupons before Tuesday so that I can go back for more!


The Keevy Family said...

Did you do this in one transaction? I was wondering how many could be printed at one time. It makes sense that it should give you $10 for however many sets of 10 you buy.
I just found your blog and I was so excited to see your post about Albertsons. They are hard to come by! I am in Renton and I love my Albertsons too.
I will check back often! :)

Elizabeth said...

Jane - Yes, it was all in one transaction. I would have done more items but couldn't find a set of coupons that I knew I had. According to the HCW thread, mulitple groups of 10 within each transaction are ok but I don't know that anyone has tried 3 yet! I come to or through Renton a lot for work and I'm so happy to have WA readers since some of the stuff I blog about is specific to WA or the NW. Thanks for reading!

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