Monday, November 10, 2008

2 Week Menu Challenge Update

Last week my husband told me that he wasn't feeling well and wanted to go to Costco to get groceries to make chicken noodle soup. I explained what we were doing and told him he could make soup with what we have in the pantry or wait until the Challenge was done. I also sent the link to my 2 Week Menu Challenge post. Apparently, my husband does not listen, nor does he even read his own lovely wife's blog because I came home from work today to a large stockpot of chicken soup!! He went to Costco anyway! UGH - Challenge Foiled!

The soup was really good for dinner tonight though and best of all, I didn't have to cook... I'm still not going to the grocery store this week.

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SavingSomeGreen said...

Husbands are so hard to convert! My husband likes to have snacks around. I always feel like I am buying snacks! Gotta love em, though. What else can ya do :)!?

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