Friday, November 14, 2008

Grocery Budget Update

I noticed particularly in October that I did some deals at Safeway for Kleenex and Albertson's for Jet Dry. Those are not products that I usually purchase at a grocery store, but because they had the great Catalina promos running with them, I got the products and then got ONYO coupons to use toward groceries.

I don't do every deal that I see, especially if it's products that I won't really use and even if it is completely free. I find that just creates more clutter in my house until I can figure out where to donate those products.

Here's how we did for October's budget:

October $83.62 + $72.29 (September carryover)= $155.91 - $106.00 = $49.91 (carryover for next month)

Still within my goal! I am hoping for some really good pre-holiday sales so that I can stock up on some staple items and continue to stretch the budget as far as we can make it go!

How are you doing on your budget goals for this year? Have you started planning for next year? I am already thinking about whether I should reduce the allowance for next year or if that's just flirting with disaster, especially with a new baby joining us in March. Well, I will decide and of course, keep you updated.

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