Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Earning Extra Money

Part of reaching your financial goals is not just about saving money but also earning extra money. I work full-time but am always on the look out for easy ways to earn extra money.

One way we earn extra money for our kids' college funds is by participating in research studies. When I was pregnant with my son, I saw an ad for a 1st time parents study. I called the number, answered a few questions and we qualified to participate. It was completely easy: every month I filled out a calendar listing all doctor or other health care provider visits for the family, once a year my husband and I filled out a questionnaire about our relationship. We earned $10 for each calendar and $10 for each questionnaire. The study lasted until my son turned 3 so we earned a total of $420 - not a bad little kick start for a college fund!

When my daughter was born this past summer I filled out a card at the hospital that asked if we were interested in participating in other research studies and of course, I checked "YES." I got a call last week for her to take part in a hearing study that pays $15 per session. We have 2 sessions scheduled for next week. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and consists of me holding her on my lap, the researcher playing different sounds and watching her for signs that she recognizes certain sounds.

These have been completely painless and easy ways to participate and I don't know that I would do anything more invasive. It has been a very positive way to earn some money for my kids and also help researchers. It may be worth your while to contact your local college or university for research opportunities.

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