Friday, January 2, 2009

I analyzed our grocery budget from 2008, which came to a total of $2,007.00. Not bad for a family of 4. I even compared what I spent in the first half of the year ($1,206.00) to the second half of the year, after I discovered the fab community of deal seekers and money savers ($801.00). So just by being diligent about using coupons, shopping wisely, meal planning and reading lots of other blogs - I saved $405!
My budget for this year is 1/2 that amount - $1,003.50. I am optimistic that I can do this by just doing more of what I've been doing in the past 6 months. It may not be easy but if it were then it wouldn't be called a Challenge!


SavingSomeGreen said...

Wow! Great job! What all do you include in your grocery budget?

Elizabeth said...

Good question! I used my credit card bill, which analyzes spending for you by category. So this amount was based on what I spent at grocery stores only. It includes some produce, like bananas, that don't come in our CSA box (also not included - $60 per month). When we first started the CSA box, I priced what organic produce I would buy at the store and it was more than $60 per month. I actually get more than what I would have bought at the store for that price.

It doesn't include trips to Costco where my husband (aka The Costco Junkie) will often buy meat and some other grocery items. Despite my explaining to him how Costco doesn't always have the best deals (especially when I get a lot of stuff for free at Walgreens - like razors) he still goes! I am checking his receipts and analyzing what I could have gotten that soup or razors for by using coupons and deals and letting him know. I'm going to keep doing that to discourage him from going but he's just not ready to give it up right now!

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